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Festival Brochure 2018

Client: Texas Bach Festival
Artistic Director: Barry Williamson
Project: 4-color, 4-panel Gatefold brochure

Brochure Design by Jennifer Rose Davis

Texas Bach Festival is a music group with whom I began singing in 2017, their inaugural year. In early spring of 2018 I was invited to a preplanning meeting for the season. Though I could not attend, I offered my design services to help the Festival grow. This to a very positive professional relationship where I became their Graphic Designer as well as a performer.

One of the challenges that we encountered in designing for a newly formed music festival was a lack pre-existing imagery to work with, and a need for education about the design and printing processes. I worked with the client in the process of creating and editing the text to be the proper length and format for the brochure. We also decided together what information needed to be in the brochure and how it would be structured.


ABO SBrochure 2017-18-1.jpg
ABO SBrochure 2017-18-2.jpg

Season Brochure 2017-2018

Client: Austin  Baroque Orchestra
Artistic Director: Billy Traylor

Project: 4-color,  Trifold Brochure
Design by Jennifer Rose Davis

This season brochure was developed using the design concepts I created in the Wholly Handel poster. These same design elements of the unusual angles and the radiating rays were consistent elements throughout the promotion design for all the concerts of the 2017-2018 season.

The group photograph was the largest challenge in this design because although it was a wonderful photograph, it was a slightly lower resolution that I would have preferred as well as begin a horizontal photograph in a vertical brochure format. I used a combination of photoshop tricks, rotation, and cropping to show the photograph to it's best advantage.


VBC Season Brochure pg1.jpg
VBC Season Brochure pg2.jpg

Viola by Choice

Client: Viola By Choice
Artistic Director: Aurelien Petillot

Project: 4-color, 4-panel Gatefold Brochure
Design by Jennifer Rose Davis

The concept of this brochure was drawn from the tagline of Viola by choice represented on the cover. "Music is Life. The Viola is its inner fire." I brought the inward fire outward and used it and the curving text which echoes the scroll of the instrument as unifying elements. 

The Viola by Choice logos that I was given required careful cleanup and some rework for use in a high-res printed format. I also had to work carefully with the scrolling text to find a balance where it would achieve the curve I wanted without too much distortion.