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Vivaldi 4 Seasons

Client: La Follia
Artistic Director: Keith Womer

Project: 4-color 10 page CD booklet, 4-color CD label, 4-color CD Tray card.
Stock Photography from iStockphoto.com
Design by Jennifer Rose Davis
Specifications: 4-color front 1-color back 4-panel CD Booklet, 4-color CD Label, 4-color CD Tray card created Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign

I was contacted to create a promotional CD for La Follia and KMFA with a fairly rapid turn around. While season-related stock images are very common, the difficulty arose in trying to find something with enough uniqueness to convey both the intricacy of Vivaldi's music and the beauty of La Follia's performance. I fell in love with the layered visual depth of this particular image and the feeling it gave of the Four Seasons merging into a single moment of creation. 

Creating a CD is always an exercise in creative text editing in order to fit all the client's information into such a small format and still have it be readable, and this CD was no exception. The client and I worked closely together in the editing process until we finally achieved a balance of text and font size that contented us both.

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Ojala CD

Client: Ojala
Artistic Director: Kamran Hoosman
Project: 4-color front 1-color back 3-panel CD Booklet, 2-color CD Label, 4-color Tray card
created Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign
Art Direction and Design by Jennifer Rose Davis

This project was an incredibly fun process because Ojala was a newly formed group and this was their first CD, which meant that we got to develop a new graphic language for them. The group was formed in the intersection of Spanish and Persian music, so I pulled graphic elements from both cultures for the CD. The logo itself is formed from the word Ojala/Inshalla written in Spanish and Persian. I art directed the photoshoot for the CD booklet cover, and that is my hand surrounded by exquisite silks from the two countries. The graphic element which forms the label and tray card is the carved wooden rose which covers the sound hole of Kamran Hoosmand's lute. It was an elaborate and difficult process to get the two color CD label and the 4 color Tray card images to match color.